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Alabama Invoice Factoring Companies

Are you struggling to find working capital to help your small business in Alabama thrive? Invoice factoring can take you from struggling to booming, without adding anymore debt to your balance sheet.  Whether you’ve recently had some rough patches in sales, or you’re new to the small business world, invoice factoring will revitalize your company and take your balance sheets from negative to positive and beyond.  From Birmingham, to Montgomery, Mobile, or Huntsville, Alabama invoice factoring provides businesses with a viable financing alternative to traditional bank loans.  If slow-paying customers are holding you back or your cash flow has been limited, invoice factoring will give you the cash you need and quickly. 

Why Factor with an Alabama Factoring Company? 

Factoring for Alabama companies is easy!

The process to get your Alabama business set-up is simple. Begin by calling us at 855-FACTOR-1. We’ll review your company’s details and then match you with a factoring agency that specializes in your niche market. Factor Finders works with numerous Alabama factoring companies in diverse industries that can meet your needs.

Alabama invoice factoring is fast!

Quick approval, usually within a few business days: Small business loans can take a very long time to process and are very difficult to get approved.  After sending in your application, approval can happen within 3-5 business days. Once you’re approved and begin factoring, your factor will advance you up to 98% percent of your total invoice amount. After the factor receives payment from your customer, they will return the rest of your money, minus a small fee.

Low, flexible rates with no hidden fees

Because every company is different, so is every factoring relationship. We pride ourselves on finding the best invoice factoring companies in Alabama and beyond for your business and getting you the best rate possible.  There’s no fee to begin factoring, and there’s no minimum or maximum amount that you have to factor each month.

No more debt!

Invoice factoring is NOT a loan. The factoring company buys your invoices, thus giving you the working capital that your business needs to continue operations. This also means that you don’t incur more debt on your balance sheet and you can begin to build up your own credit. 

Get an online quote now!

We can help your industry today! 

We work with experts in a multitude of industries throughout Alabama. We serve businesses of all sizes to help them achieve financial success!

Call Factor Finders today @ 1-855-EZ-FACTOR. We can help you reach success!

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